Official Slackware Linux Release 3.0 CDROM

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This is it, the *Official* Slackware(TM) Linux CDROM, created by the author of Slackware. Linux is a unix-like 32bit multi-user, multi-tasking operating system for your PC compatible computers. It supports a wide range of softwares, including C compilers, programming libraries, X windows, Emacs, TCP/IP networking (including SLIP/PPP).

This TWO disc CDROM set contains a huge collection of utilities and documentation for Linux, including significant enhancements to the Linux Slackware distribution with many features added to the previous release. This set is a carefully selected collection of file on the sunsite and tsx-11 ftp sites-- almost everything ported to linux that exists! If you want the best version of Linux, Slackware Linux, this is the product for you. This disc set was made in July 1995. The price is $39.95.

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The Slackware Linux disc is available by subscription. We update the Slackware Linux disc ABOUT every six months. When we have a new version we ship them to our subscribers. We bill your credit card when we ship. The cost is only $24.95 for Slackware Linux. The standard shipping charge applies.


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